How to complete a commercial invoice

All dutiable shipments need to be accompanied by an invoice and if you don’t complete this in the right way it holds goods up in customs. Our online shipping tool – Webship – automatically produces this for you and when using DHL, it’s also completely paperless!

If you do need to create your own invoices though, here is a summary of what needs to be included.
1. Contact details including full address of both the shipper and the consignee
2. Telephone numbers for the shipper and consignee
3. Invoice date
4. Purchase order and invoice number if applicable
5. A complete description of the item including:
– What the item is
– What it is used for
– Reason for export
– Country of origin (where manufactured) for each commodity
– Number of units
– Unit value
– Total value (purchase price) of each item
– Number of packages
– Total weight
– Shippers’ signature and date.

Remember to speak to your local InXpress shipping specialist for further advice.