This feature is about sharing the huge amount of expertise we have within the network. In this issue, we hear from Blake Waller, InXpress Des Moines, about how he uses Facebook to get new business. Take it away Blake!

“Credibility is key on Facebook or any internet platform for that matter. I try to establish credibility with my followers by posting content which is of value to them. Before I post an update, I ask myself: what do potential customers want to know and why would they read this? It’s tempting to just blast out posts about InXpress and how we help but that’s the opposite to the approach you need to take on social media platforms – add value by giving them information first. After they have seen your posts regularly they begin to think of you as a resource, and that is when you have won them.

Groups is a great way to do this on Facebook – I have a target market I like to go after and I look for their discussions on there. Introduce yourself first to the group leader with full disclosure on how you can help and give, give, give before you expect any return. It is amazing how much this changes the sales landscape.

Social media can be a slow burner. It takes a lot of time to build a quality following organically and quite honestly I have not had much success with organic growth. However, as the slight edge teaches us, a small bit consistently each day will compound greatly down the road.

Remember, the overall mindset is to add value first! Answer people’s questions or provide suggestions or better alternatives. Once you have the credibility. People know who you are and now they have an ‘international shipping guy’. Good Luck!”.

Blake Waller, Des Moines franchise